Irregularly Sampled Signals: Theories and Techniques for Analysis

This project is about sampling theory and methods for analysing signals that have been sampled at irregularly spaced points. Irregular sampling may arise naturally (examples of its occurrence may be found in geophysics, tomography, astronomy, and laser anemometry). In many cases it presents difficulties because standard techniques are unable to cope with the uneven sampling.

However there is an alternative and exciting facet to the subject: deliberate aperiodic sampling. This is being mooted as a method for unambiguous frequency identification in new generations of signal analysers and of pulse-Doppler and synthetic-aperture radars. For the classes of signal that these systems need to process and analyse, signal reconstruction is not of prime importance and it can be the wrong approach. The principal aim of this project is to develop methods for analysing irregularly sampled data and the principal theme is methods that do not employ explicit signal reconstruction.
Source: The Pennsylvania State University
Authors: Richard James Martin

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