Analysis of Fixpoint Aspects for Wireless Infrastructure Systems

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A large amount of today’s telecommunication consists of mobile and short distance wireless applications, where the effect of the channel is unknown and changing over time, and thus needs to be described statistically.

Therefore the received signal can not be accurately predicted and has to be estimated. Since telecom systems are implemented in real-time, the hardware in the receiver for estimating the sent signal can for example be based on a DSP where the statistic calculations are performed. A fixed-point DSP with a limited number of bits and a fixed binary point causes larger quantization errors compared to floating point operations with higher accuracy.

The focus on this thesis has been to build a library of functions for handling fixed-point data. A class that can handle the most common arithmetic operations and a least squares solver for fixed-point have been implemented in MATLAB code.

The MATLAB Fixed-Point Toolbox could have been used to solve this task, but in order to have full control of the algorithms and the fixed-point handling an independent library was created.

The conclusion of the simulation made in this thesis is that the least squares result are depending more on the number of integer bits then the number of fractional bits.
Source: Karlstad University
Author: Grill, Andreas | Englund, Robin

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