Simulation Model of an Ultrasonic sensor Used in Non Destructive Testing

In the steel industry the welding and structure of steel pipes are tested to make sure that the quality of the pipes are good enough. Today this is often done by taking some samples, cutting them and examining them manually.

By testing the steel pipes with ultrasonic testing instruments all the samples can be examined without any destructing being done which can decrease the cost and time spent examining samples.

This project was about creating a simulation model in MATLAB/Simulink and XilinxISE for the signal processing part in a larger non-destructive ultrasonic testing project.The model would be able to generate pulses and make relevant processing of the transmitted and received signal.

The completed model can be configured as the user wishes for different simulations. It can handle the frequencies in the interval that are being used in non-destructive ultrasonic testing and do relevant processing of the signal. The Simulink model can be improved, for example by adding some noise to the different MATLAB function blocks. The simulation is done by saving and loading files between MATLAB/Simulink and Xilinx ISE but with some licenses and software it would bepossible to do a co-simulation.
Source: Uppasala University
Author: Björsell, Joachim | Ferm Lithén, Viktor | Törmä, Joel

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