Cylindrical Surface Analysis with White Light Interferometry

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At present, one of the big challenges is to develop a precise surface measurement method for mechanical parts. Especially, to study cylindrical surface, the cause of many difficulties because of its geometry shape. This project presents a quite good solution for analyzing topography of cylindrical surface with White Light Interferometry optical system which is one of the important and suitable tools in optics.

In the construction period, the aim was to build a system which can be easily mounted on the sample. This is done by a very simple and compact design that also enables us to use it in research laboratories.

In the project, a cylindrical surface analysis is achieved by taking subsequent images with different nano-scale distance from the sample and stitched the acquired images. To achieve this implementation, subsequent images with the highest intensity are first determined and then located in a single image. In the stitching process, cross correlation method that is extremely useful to find out relative point of the images is used to merge the acquired images. Additionally, stitching process is helped us to extend the area where research can be done.

In the project, MATLAB & LABVIEW are used for analyzing the images and controlling the motors, respectively.
Source: Halmstad University
Author: Bora, Ethem

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