Modelling an RF Converter in Matlab

Radar warning systems are life saving equipment in modern fighter aircraft. It is therefore vital that the system can tell the difference between a threat (genuine frequency) and a false signal (spurious frequency).

This study presents a model aimed at predicting the frequencies and other parameters in the RF converter of the radar warning system. The components of the RF converter have been studied, measured, and modelled. The modelling tool has been the Simulink toolbox for Matlab.

Extreme accuracy has been sacrificed in order to make the model easy to use for the working engineer. Instead, this model presents a rough estimate of some of the most important properties of the radar warning system with just a few data sheet figures as input.

The simulation results are satisfactory as a whole. Simulink is the limiting factor in the implementation of the model. Significantly improved results can probably be obtained by working in another software environment.
Source: Linköping University
Author: Hjorth, Mattias

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