Laser Music System: Implemented using Lasers, Infrared Sensors, Photocells and a Arduino Microcontroller

A Laser Music System has been created, that combines a laser and light sensor system with an infrared distance sensing system that detects the position of a user’s hand when it intersects one or more of the individual laser beam.

The laser beams, which are made visible by a small amount of smoke in a dark room, provide visual guidance to the user to reduce the difficulty of using a non-contact instrument as well as enhancing an appealing optical effect for the user.

The system uses a number of Sharp distance sensors to map the position of the user’s hand to a variable like pitch. The user should move their hand to different heights to achieve a desired pitch. The laser beam should be broken to trigger the desired note.
Source: Halmstad University
Authors: Woodruff, Astra | Görmez, Burak

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