Compensating for Respiratory Artifacts in Blood Pressure Waveforms

Cardiac catheterization has for a long time been a valuable way to evaluate the hemodynamics of a patient. One of the benefits is that the entire blood pressure waveform can be recorded and visualized to the cardiologist.

These measurements are however disturbed by different phenomenon, such as respiration and the dynamics of the fluid filled catheter, which introduces artifacts in the blood pressure waveform. If these disturbances could be removed, the measurement would be more accurate. This report focuses on the effects of respiratory artifacts in blood pressure signals during cardiac catheterization.

Four methods, a standard bandpass filter, two adaptive filters and one wavelet based method are considered. The difference between respiratory artifacts in systolic and diastolic pressure is studied and dealt with during compensation. All investigated methods are implemented in Matlab and validated against blood pressure signals from catheterized patients.

The results are algorithms that try to correct for respiratory artifacts. The rate of success is hard to determine since only a few measured blood pressure signals have been available and since the size and appearance of the actual artifacts are unknown.
Source: Linköping University
Author: Wikström, Martin

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