Wireless Power Transmission Methods

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Wireless power transmission is an old idea, as old as use of electricity. Early experiments performed by Nikola Tesla still capture the imagination of young engineers even nowadays when we witness the proliferation of transmission methods previously deemed unfeasible, now being made commercially viable by advances in electronic devices manufacturing.

This survey lists a number of implementation in both consumer devices and non-consumer applications, some old, well known methods as well as latest yet to be implemented technology.

The common approaches in wireless power transmission are:

  • Radio-wave transmission
  • Electromagnetic induction/Magnetic resonance
  • Capacitive coupling
  • Laser/Infrared optics transmission
  • Microwave

A novel approach that came up recently is using directed ultrasound.
Source: IOSRJournals
Author: Sudha Bhutada | Punit Maheshwari

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