A Novel Speed-Breaker for Electrical Energy Generation Suitable for Elimination of Remote Parts of Power Systems where is Near to Roads

To harness the wasted kinetic energy of vehicle flow in speed-breakers of streets, a novel Speed-Breaker Generator (SBG) proposed. The SBG uses an efficient linear topology with two independent translators can be pushed down by vehicle wheel to absorb kinetic energy of the vehicles.

The proposed topology is modeled using an analytical approach. An efficient design is achieved using a multistage design procedure. To verify efficiency of the obtained design simulation are carried out using finite element analysis software package. The simulations confirmĀ  the effectiveness of the obtained design and the proposed SBG.

For reduction of carbon dioxide emission, renewable energies are considered as proper alternative energy. Renewable energies mainly refer to the wind, solar, biomass and marine currents which are less harmful to environment, attracting a wide attention of researchers in design and development of renewable energy conversion systems. Although improvement of renewable energy converters is in a fast rate, the systems to extract the wasted energy in conventional energy conversion systems are not developed as much as its technologies.

In many systems and processes, dissipation of energy is inevitable whatever renewable or conventional energy was used. For instance, as a car passes over a speed-breaker, most of car kinetic energy will be wasted as heat in it. On other hand, to ensure the security of the populated areas of streets, the speed-breakers are required, whatever we used electrical cars or the cars consuming gasoil. There are numerous similar cases which such vast energies are wasting.

Like an elevator during going down, a car during going down on a sloppy street, where regardless the used type of energy or efficiency of systems energy is systematically wasting. It is mainly due to condition that the systems are operation in it.
Source: Textroad
Author: Mohsen Partodezfoli | Abbas Rezaey | Zahra Baniasad | Horieh Rezaey

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