Power Generation Using Hydraulic Mechanism at Speed bumper

The extensive usage of energy has resulted in an energy crisis, and there is a need to develop methods of optimal utilization, which will not only ease the crisis but also preserve the environment. The focus now is shifting more and more towards the conventional energy, which are essentially, non-polluting.

In this paper we approach a new mechanism to generate power from speed bumper, because the number of vehicles passing over the speed bumper in roads is increasing day by day. This proposed system is to extract the kinetic energy of vehicle flow in the streets entitled as generating power from speed bumper through hydraulic mechanism.

It is more efficient than other existing models, which enable to accommodate conventional, both inĀ  terms of balancing electricity supply and demand in energy across the global.
Source: IJSER
Author: K.Ravivarma, B.Divya, C.P.Prajith, A.Sivamurugan, K.Vengatesan.

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Generation of Electricity through Speed Breaker Mechanism

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