Power Generation Using Speed Breaker with Auto Street Light

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In the present day scenario, power is a major need for human life. There is a need to develop non-conventional sources for power generation due to the reason that our conventional sources of power are getting scarcer by the day.

This paper emphasises on the idea that the kinetic energy getting wasted while vehicles move can be utilized to generate power by using a special arrangement called “power hump”. This generated power can be used for general purpose applications like streetlights, traffic signals. In addition, we could also have solar panels, which would satisfy our power needs, when there is no vehicular movement.

In the present day scenario power has become the major need for human life. Energy is an important input in all the sectors of any countries economy. The day-to-day increasing population and decreasing conventional sources for power generation, provides a need to think on non-conventional energy resources.

Here in this paper we are looking forward to conserve the kinetic energy that gone wasted, while vehicles move. The number of vehicles passing over speed breaker on road is increasing day by day. Beneath speed breaker, setting up an electro-mechanical unit known to be power hump, could help us conserving this energy and use it for power generation. The electrical output can be improved by arranging these power humps in series. This generated power can be stored, by using different electrical devices.

We can supply this energy to street lights, traffic lights, and nearby areas, and thus helps in country’s economy. We could make it more efficient, by also having a solar panels that provides for power needs while the vehicles were not moving.
Source: IJESIT
Author: Amanpreet Kaur, Shivansh Kumar Singh, Rajneesh, Parwez, Shashank

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