The Mode of RFID Towards Idea to Practice

This paper comprehensively explain the overview of RFID technology aiming to explain the understandings from implementation to future work by concentrating on challenges, risks, advantages and disadvantages along with precautions correspondence to implication.

One the biggest challenge of RFID is the standardization, so a brief introduction of standardization is included in this paper to give clear view to the concerned people along with history of RFID. The possible solution of the problems is also part of the paper.

This paper discusses what RFID technology is and the history of the RFID technology and what kind of advantages and disadvantages it has over other technology such as bar code system.

This study is consisting of two major parts. First part is comprised of extensive literature study where as second part is empirical study with the help of Interviews. Interviews have conducted to authenticate the theories correspondence to risks, problems, benefits and implementation. For this purpose different kind of personnel were selected who are related with RFID technology with different aspects such as consultant, supplier and users.

RFID technology has given a vital space where the industries and organization from public sector to payment system can play and get lots of benefits by using RFID technology with a scope such as detection of products in supply chain, security increased for the theft of books in the library and anti-counterfeit of medicine.

Although RFID technology has brought many opportunities for the companies but it has also forced the implementers to think about its important considerations which can lead the users toward some serious challenges and risks, for example privacy issues, cost, security considerations and technical issue such as integration of data.

Practical Implications:
This paper provides suggestions for the successful implementation of RFID technology to improve the likelihood of success for their tasks. For this purpose RFID technology is discussed in detail as for as implementation is concerned in different organization like logistics, supply chain, inventory control, medical technology and libraries.

Through RFID detection of products items (in Supply chain, inventory system, logistics, library and luggage control in air ports) with exact placement without any physical movement can be operated in computer systems even though it can be integrated with the internet so that it can be monitored anywhere through internet are the areas.

More over how the potential of RFID technology can be utilize with appropriate way are the part of this paper which gives a broader visions to the companies.

Originality/Value of Study:
This paper also put light in detail on benefits, risks, problems and opportunities to by combining the theories and practical like interviews with the specialist of RFID which give comprehensive practical solution and awareness for the investors and users. RFID tags can be secure by making tags permanent coding which cannot be change. RFID technology can be affected by some metallic surrounding environment.

Lack of knowledge to solve the problems of RFID is also a threat for the implementers. Another example, old data of bar code can be feed in the tags as a history in order to review the past information of the product used in previous system.
Source: University of Gävle
Author: Niazi, Usman Kabir

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