Optimizing System Level Testing of Evolved Packet Gateway

The goal of this project is to improve industrial system testing efficiency. The thesis is mainly focused on the field of telecommunication. Testing is one of the most important steps before selling a product to customers and testing is also an important component of after sale maintenance. The work load for testers can be decreased and more projects could be carried out in parallel, if the testing efficiency can be improved.

The project is carried out within the Ericsson Product Development Unit (PDU) Packet Core System Test section. The goal is to improve the system testing efficiency of the Evolved Packet Gateway, as system testing has gradually become one of the bottle necks for the whole product release. Ericsson wants to accelerate its pace in releasing new products to the market and releasing new software to their customers.

An initial investigation was made to get a clear view about how the complete system testing procedure is currently carried out and then, an analysis was made based on this information. Ideas were collected for a proposed new implementation and finally a prototype for the most useful ideas was developed and evaluated to show how the system testing efficiency can be improved.

Finally, these ideas were proved to be valuable for Ericsson PDU Packet Core System Test section and two of them have been adopted and are already under developing.
Source: KTH
Author: Wang, Guojun

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