An Asynchronous Pipelined 32×32-bit Iterative Multiplier Using Hybrid Handshaking Protocol

An asynchronous pipelined 32×32-bit iterative multiplier is presented in this paper. The multiplier supports 32×32-bit integer multiplication of both signed and un-signed operands. A 2-phase micropipeline latch controller is used which controls a 4-phase pipeline with standard transparent level sensitive latches.

The design employs the modified Booth algorithm diminishing 8 bits at a time with an iterative structure. A sign extension algorithm is also employed in this work. Furthermore, the early termination scheme speeds up the multiplication operation.

The multiplier consists of a total of 10700 CMOS elements and completes an 32×32-bit multiplication in 12ns under the typical conditions. This work is also very low power and costs only 50% energy per operation of that of Amulet3i multiplier.
Author: Neeraj Kumar Mishra | Subodh Wairya

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Design of Low-Power High-Speed 32×32 Multiplier

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