Microcontroller Based Control of Three Phase Induction Motor Using PWM Technique

The speed of the induction motor can be controlled by various methods. The stator frequency control is one of simplest methods to control the speed of the Induction motor. The micro controller based speed controlling system can be used in various industries such as chemical, textile and cement to operate the motor according to the desired speed.

This is completely closed loop system and the speed of the motor will be controlled automatically by use of feed back from motor in term of rpm, The inductive magnetic sensor can be interfaced .with micro controller easily and can sense rpm of the motor and give it to micro controller in digital form as a feed back from motor.
Source: BVU College of Engineering
Author: S.M.Wank..hede, R.M.Holmukhe, Miss.A.M.Kadam, Miss.P.R shinde, P.S.Chaudhari

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