Interface Issues in Induction Motor Drives

Adjustable speed induction motor drives are used more and more often in industry, particularly as an energy saving measure. Due to the presence of the power electronic drives, non sinusoidal waveforms are injected into the electronic distribution and the motor, affecting both the motor and the other loads connected to the same bus. In addition, the output voltage waveform of the converter feeding the motor has adverse effects on its insulation, particularly when long nipply cables are used.

This project is a contribution to the study of these problems, associated with the use of adjustable speed drives. The motor drive circuit characteristics are studied when the speed of the motor is controlled using a pulse width modulated (PWM) inverter. The influence of cable length and power semiconductors switching turnes on motor overvoltages are studied for different rise tïmes and cable lengths. Simulation studies are carried out using the EMTP sobare package. Simulation results are verified experimentally.
Source: Concordia University
Author: Aii Hussein

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