Electric Motor for Aircraft Propulsion

This paper deals with the mechanical construction process of an electric motor demonstrator of Mauritz Andersson’s design. Several design issues have been addressed, primarily the winding of the coils, the fixation of the coils and how to connect the coils to the power electronics. Some mechanical parts have been constructed, and some preparations for creating the power electronics have been examined.

The coils have been manufactured by using enameled copper wire, winding it with acrank onto a winding tool. The coil have been fixated with adhesive and removed from the winding tool. Several different adhesives have been examined, where 2-component heat transfer adhesive from Fischer Electronics and Polyester resin ULTIMEG showed to be the most prominent ones. The layout of the winding tool have been given much attention, and the winding path of the enamelled wire have been carefully planned, which increased the number of revolutions from 76 to 90.
Source: Uppsala University
Author: Tollin, Ragnar

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